The Statue of Ronggowarsita

The statue of Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsita is a symbol of the Radya Pustaka museum which is right in front of the entrance of the Museum. This statue was inaugurated by the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno on November 11, 1953.

Radya Pustaka Museum is classified as a public museum because it contains various collections. This museum tells the story of past civilizations which are symbolized through the statue of the great Raden Ngabehi Ronggowarsita which is located in the front yard of the museum. The description of the work listed on the lower side of the prophecy of Indonesia’s independence. This implies how important it is to hack time looking at the future. An extraordinary spirit to the next generation in looking at the future with optimism and hope.

Tahun (Year)
Karya / Penulis (Artist / Author)
R. Ng. Wignjo Pangoekir/Museum Radya Pustaka
Asal (Origin)
Bahan (Material)
Teknik Pembuatan (Technique)
Dimensi (Dimensions)
Tinggi Keseluruhan Monumen : 5,54 m, Tinggi Patung : 2,18 m, Panjang dan Lebar Patung : 1,35 m
Referensi (Reference)
Museum Radya Pustaka