A music box with a rotated lever, modified with flowers and birds. It has flower painted on its side. Came from France, and it was a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte emperor to Paku Buwana IV who ruled in 1788 to 1820.

Orgel is a musical instrument made of carved wood, with the help of a lever on the side of the music box. Orgel is a music box gifted from Napoleon Bonaparte to Paku Buwana IV. Orgel is placed in Radya Pustaka museum, as a symbol that Paku Buwana IV used to have bilateral relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte emperor in 17th century.

Tahun (Year)
Sekitar abad ke-17
Karya / Penulis (Artist / Author)
Asal (Origin)
Bahan (Material)
Teknik Pembuatan (Technique)
Dimensi (Dimensions)
Panjang : 48 cm, Tinggi : 57,5 cm, Lebar : 29 cm (Length : 48 cm, Height : 57,5 cm, Width : 29 cm)
Referensi (Reference)