Object Collections

Koleksi benda yang ada di Radya Pustaka Surakarta

Pancasula Spear

A lance with a Panca Sula dhapur, with a golden kamarogan kinatah, and a hurap-hurap pamor. Placed in the Radya …

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Miniatur Imogiri

It is miniature of burial plot of Surakarta and Jogjakarta King and the Royal relatives. The top section is the …

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Canthik Rajamala

Canthik Rajamala is part of the ship that has function as a decoration and believed to be a symbol as …

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Jalak Weapon

This Bethok was made in the Pajajaran era. It’s broad blade is different from the Budha Bethok. Although it is …

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Ancient Clock Machine

This ancient  clock machine is a relic from Keraton Surakarta. Panggung means a high place where the clock was placed …

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Alat Musik


A music box with a rotated lever, modified with flowers and birds. It has flower painted on its side. Came …

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